Forex Pattern Recognition: 2 Important Formations

Chart formations provide important indications of the state of the market. Reversal formations initiate a trend reversal, continuation formations confirm the prevailing trend direction. Among the most important forex chart formations are…

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We show you everything about the Forex EMA strategy

If you are new to the world of foreign exchange trading, you must first learn forex trading from the ground up. Basics can be learned in many ways, for example through seminars, tutorials…

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Forex market

Forex Fibonacci trading strategy explained in 5 minutes

Anyone who has set their minds on learning forex trading will quickly realize that there is a lot going on for successful foreign exchange trading. There are numerous trading approaches and a multitude…

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crypto exchanges

The security of the crypto exchanges

In any case, security is an aspect that must not be neglected at Krypto exchanges. They must provide technically complex server solutions that are a bit ahead of the current state…

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The Forex RSI System: Effective Indicator for Market Assessment

What is the RSI indicator? A Forex RSI system provides a reasonable indication of the state of the market with little effort and can be used with appropriate parameter settings…

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What are cryptocurrencies?

To better understand the tasks of crypto exchanges and exchanges, first look at the actual cryptocurrencies. Crypto currencies are based on blockchain technology. This means that all data generated by…

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Sideways Trend in Forex

You Can Trade The Sideways Trend in Forex

Anyone starting to learn Forex trading will soon find that there are many approaches to analyzing and predicting the price of an Underlying. Each trader develops their own strategy that best suits their…

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Is Bitcoin Halal or Haram?

Is it halal to buy bitcoin? Bitcoin Religious Affairs details and details about the future of fatwa The value of Bitcoin is currently around 7365 Dollars. Especially in the recent…

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cex-io-webseite Review is one of the oldest exchanges for cryptocurrencies ever. The London-based company has been offering digital currency trading since 2013. Bitcoin also included the split-off currency Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum in its product…

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Forex Trading Basics

Forex Trading Basics 2018: How to trade currencies

Under currency trading was formerly understood the currency exchange of two different currencies. If we talk about foreign exchange or forex trading today, it means above all speculating on exchange…

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