3 Perfect Ways to Save Money Like a Pro

Scots,  miser is referred to as nation. It is also possible to coincide with all the anecdotes. I will also give a few jokes in the following section of the article. But let’s get back to the point. The Scots have long been known for their attitude and practicality. Scottish minister Henry Duncan has established the world’s first commercial savings bank. Adam Smith, one of the most famous philosophers in the economy, highly praised this aspect of the Scots. It is not a coincidence that today there are Scottish CEOs and founders behind many successful businesses: This is the Scottish savings. ..

In this article, I will mention three ways to increase your budget by using the famous Scottish attitude methods.

1. Become a Beneficiary

William Wallace, a leading knight in the Scottish war of independence against Britain at the beginning of the 14th century, chose his weapons as a pitchfork and a scythe, instead of a spear and a sword. I wonder why? A normal scotsman used scythe every day, and the spear and sword were very expensive. Then we’re bad when the Scots say stingy

Examples of people taking more than their needs;

  • Just take a few thousand dollars computer taken to send email ,
  • To have a home above your needs,
  • Get a 300-screen TV to watch TV occasionally,
  • Take double-pull cars like jeep to use on highway,
  • They grow your drinks and potatoes with a difference of only

Plan your purchases as a holiday plans . Know exactly what you need and how much you will pay for it. Write down the features of the goods you need and protect you from aggressive salespeople who try to sell you better and more expensive things !Remember what you need! Do price / performance, not need / cost analysis .

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Buy Second Hand

The economic development of Britain’s industrial revolution owes to a single invention : Watt Steam Engine; In 1763, Scotsman James Watts grabbed a broken and used second hand steam engine and tried hard to make it more efficient. Over the years, Watt has renewed the old models and invented his own powerful model of engines that run the factories, forming the industrial revolution. The biggest lesson to be taken from the second hand; it keeps a significant amount of money in your pocket.

Why don’t you get 80% cheaper than a table with little stains? There are many stores specialized in this area even in Istanbul for high quality second hand products. Compared to new acquisitions, these stores offer used models with significant discounts in good working conditions. Of course, if you are getting married to your lover to get him to be a Scottish :). In this land it will not be… Will it be? Iş No. Because we deserve the best of everything and the most expensive . Because we are worth it! What do we have for our

Another area of ​​second-hand purchase is the automobile. New cars are experiencing loss of lip after the first sale. Like a horse saying: dolayı Turn the ignition on, close to 20 thousand pounds of damages! Zarar The reason why the second hand car is preferred by most users due to this depreciation. German and Japanese cars, especially for  3-5 years, even if they look like a knife. And if you want to sell your car again in a few years, you can sell it at almost the same price . Whether you have a car or table, you can contribute to your pocket by taking the second hand.

3. Make Yourself

You’re the cheapest worker you can rent. Cleaning your house, painting your house, mowing the lawn of your garden or cooking. It would not be reasonable to pay someone else for your own work. You will not find anyone who provides cheap service to you. The painter is also the cheapest in your hands. Ah these hands do more than a proverb ü Move your ass and just do it.

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