Facebook Will Build ‘Most-Used Product in Crypto’: Morgan Creek

Anthony Pompliano, founder of Morgan Creek Digital, said that the technology giant Facebook will be the most widely used product in the crypto-money field.

Anthony Pompliano, founder of the investment company Morgan Creek Digital, said Facebook would create the most widely used product in the crypto soon after some are expected in the Blockchain area.

Pompliano, The Block founder Mike Dudas, in response to the tweet, concluded that Facebook hired Blockchain engineers without a clearly defined role or purpose. he said.

In August it was claimed that Facebook had met Stellar in line with a plan to build a crypto-money project on the Stellar network. A few days later, the company denied this news clearly, but it remains unclear what the company’s Blockchain development team will work on.


The technology giant continued to hire various Blockchain developers after the rumors. In other news , David Marcus, head of FacebookBlockchain, stepped down from his post on Coinbase’s executive board, citing a recent conflict of interest. This fueled speculation that the company plans to launch an unprecedented crypto-money project that will reach more than 2 billion users.

Pompliano believes that Facebook has a talented and experienced team. According to him, Facebook, the most ambitious products has proven itself in removing. Pompliano brings the pole to develop, successfully market and scale a crypto money product that will strengthen Facebook’s Bitcoin.

In a Cheddar story, published in May, it was claimed that Facebook was interested in developing a platform-based crypto-money that would help the mass user base to trade without using a state-sponsored currency.

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