How will Apple cope with the worst economic crisis since the ‘Great’?

For the first time in a decade, Apple has faced such a serious crisis, and some have been curious about it. We also explained the reasons for the crisis in our news for those who wonder.

Usually we’re trying to make a positive and happy entry to many news, but this news will be a little exceptional and will start with a single sentence: Apple is having a terrible month.

Apple, which has lost $ 200 billion in the market, does not seem to have spent the best of November. On the first day of November, Apple said that it would not announce its quarterly sales figures, and this naturally brought to mind the words lar I mean, things are not going well.

Of course this was only a start. The break-up of jobs was the loss of Apple’s title as ‘the most valuable technology company’ to Microsoft. The company, which was once a trillion dollars, is not even the most valuable company in the US. When we put them all together, we think that you would agree to give us such an introduction.

Why did the company, the pride of the United States, fall so fast? There are many different reasons for this and it is worth mentioning.

The global smartphone market is declining and Apple is not exempt from this situation.

According to the data, in the third quarter of 2018, smart phone manufacturers distributed a total of 355.2 million phones to different parts of the world. This means a decrease of 6% compared to last year. It also raises worries about the future of the market, as long as the last quarter of the year, with low sales figures compared to last year.

In addition to the market crash, the trend towards Apple phones, especially the iPhone XR, is also falling.


As we’ve heard before, the 2018 iPhone series is the place to go if it failed compared to the previous years. Apple, due to devices that can not meet expectations, decreased production and went into a serious decline.

Serious concerns have also occurred in combining market economies.

In addition to the decline in demand for Apple products, consumers have had a lot of trouble accessing the device as the device is too expensive outside the United States.

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