Increase your wealth by following your spending and wealth

You may not be successful in creating budgets or saving money, or you may not like these budget and money accumulation events at all. The word budget may not please you like the nature and habits of man. But nowadays, it is one of the subjects that people should give importance to. If you spit it up, mustache, spit it down … What you spend is what you spend. I want to talk about a different subject. Expenditure and tracking of personal wealth dağılım I don’t usually care where I spend my money, but I always follow up the distribution of my expenses. Checking the distribution of monthly expenditures is very important to understand your financial situation.

Monthly follow your spending

You will be able to follow your income and expenses, learn the net income you will have in the coming months due to your purchases in installments. Or computer, car, clothes and shoes, such as buying your spending to see the possibilities for your budget will be very useful in managing your expenses. Moreover, is there anything as nice as knowing your spending distributions? For example; doesn’t it make sense for you to know that almost 60% of your monthly income is unnecessary if your inadvertent expenses are unnecessary? Moreover, spending is not as difficult as it used to be. You can easily keep track of your expenses by downloading Revenue-Expense tracking applications and taking 2 minutes per day.

Follow Your Personal Wealth

Of course we will not do your wealth by just following your monthly expenses. In Gary Keller’s “Millionaire Real Estate Agent 1, he has a $ 1 million real estate purchase target. Of course, after the housing bubble in 2008, this idea may not come very bright, but I strongly recommend you to read this book with a solid foundation for investment. As Keller mentions in her book, she asks uy What am I doing today to increase my net worth? Or and she gives important advice every day.

Starting your net worth tracking in 3 or 6 months will be an important milestone in managing your personal wealth. Following up your liquid assets, real estate, other investments and debts, if any, will help you to have wealth.

But how many of us do that, including me? I’m just starting to follow my personal spending and fortune. I highly recommend you to start. If you do not know how to start, you can contact me.

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