LG TV head is taking over mobile communications division

In 2018, LG was not able to get the hopes of a big-hop phone market and announced that it had changed in the mobile department.

LG had an exciting year in terms of top segment telephones. The V40 ThinQ, the V3 ThinQ and the G7 ThinQ were very robust phones, and even when they were not able to reach high sales figures, they did not fail to focus on the high prices and the market.

But the technology giant has not yet thrown the towel. Instead, he went to the top of the line. LG also authorized Home Entertainment’s headline in the smartphone section.

At the press conference, Brian Kwon, head of the mobile division, was identified as the getiril return expert. Basın He has made LG one of the leading companies in the TV, audio and computer industries.

Considering the company’s success in home entertainment systems, Brian Kwon seems to be a great manager for LG’s mobile devices division. In the third quarter of 2018, LG’s TV and audio systems made a profit of $ 290 million; The mobile devices division suffered a loss of $ 130 million.

Nonetheless, LG is now third in the US mobile market just behind Apple and Samsung and will grow even more with its potential. Now, it is wondered how the company will do a ın return departman with the name of the mobile device department.

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