Monero, Zcash and Dash Anonymous Cryptocurrencies You Should Know About

We are looking at the most popular anonymous three crypto currencies based on privacy and attracting investors from all over the world thanks to these features.

The last digital currency in our list of anonymous crypto currencies, Dash .

Dash was first released in 2014, which makes Dash the oldest crypto currency on our list. Of course, there were some advantages of getting there early, and Dash used them quite well.

So, what makes Dash different from other peer-to-peer currencies and anonymous digital coins on the market?

One of the most important advantages of Dash is that, apart from being anonymous, it is extremely fast. The average processing fee, however, is significantly lower at $ 0.04 per transaction.

Another important feature of Dash is that it is anonymous. When you use Dash, you do not need to share your personal information, such as your name and address.

Like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Dash is also created by a network of miners. These miners use special hardware and software to solve computer algorithms that protect the Dash network.

Another important power of the Dash network is its management structure.

When there are decentralized networks, management may not always be easy. Dash is blocking this issue, making sure that decisions are taken by the network.

At the moment, Dash is one of the biggest crypto currencies in the market and continues to attract investors from just around the world.


Zcash, which is traded at $ 580 at the beginning of the year, is currently trading at $ 143. The digital currency lost 40 percent in the last quarter. (Coincodex)

Zcash recently became the third digital currency listed after Bitcoin and Ethereum on the Gemini platform, one of the most popular crypto money exchanges.

Zcash has also been one of the most famous crypto currencies of the market for a long time.

Zcash was released in 2016. Founder and CEO of Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn, Zcash’s other key members include cryptographers Matthew Green and Roger Ver. Ver, who was one of the first supporters of Bitcoin and started to support Bitcoin Cash in Bitcoin after the hard fork , became one of the first famous investors of Zcash.

Unlike Bitcoin, the transactions recorded in the Zcash blockchain are not public.

With Zcash, users can use an optional privacy feature. Not only does this feature hide the sender, it can also hide the recipient and the amount of money transferred.


Starting at $ 350 a year ago, Monero is trading at $ 125 today. Crypto currency saw a 10 percent increase over the past three months. (Coincodex)

Monero is a peer-to-peer crypto currency that has attracted investors and users since 2014. In 2013, the CryptoNote protocol, based on Monero, was unearthed by a man named Nicolas van Saberhagen.

The crypto currency and its associated blockchain were then started by a Bitcointalk forum user named ”thankful_for_today“.

During the launch, Monero’s name was BitMonero. But after five days, the community decided to change the name.

Despite its slightly confused history, Monero recorded a huge increase in the market in 2016 and 2017. This increase took place through a big Darknet store called AlphaBay. AlphaBay, acting like Silk Road, allowed Monero to accept and sell illegal goods anonymously by accepting Monero as a payment method.

Crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, do not provide users with anonymity. Bitcoin records the electronic addresses associated with each process. Although your name and personal information are not saved, if a user establishes a connection between you and your electronic wallet address, he / she can see a detailed history of all your market transactions.

Here Monero fixes this anonymization problem and ensures that all processes remain completely anonymous.

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