The Best Social Trading Provider 2018: eToro is number one

Social Trading has been enjoying increasing popularity for years. Both experienced and inexperienced traders can profit from this kind of joint action and realize together a profitable and exciting way of…

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The different types of mining

Today, there are various ways to perform mining. Which of the variants is practical for a user depends on various factors. Basically, it is good to be able to find out about…

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What is mining and how does it work?

Who deals with cryptocurrencies, who will always come across the concept of “mining”. This is also referred to as “mining”, because with the right technical conditions there are the possibilities…

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Taxes in forex trading: Everything about the final withholding tax

Anyone who is actively involved in trading should also think about the taxes. All profits from trading must be taxed and so we want to present some information about the withholding…

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Forex Contracts: How It Works and Contract Size

The technical implementation of forex trading is very different depending on the broker. Some brokers allow spot trading, others construct CFDs between themselves and their clients. However, the decisive contract features are…

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E-Wallets: this is how the digital wallets work

An e-wallet provides about the same benefit as a purse for fiat currencies. The own assets can be stored therein and used for transaction purposes. Expenses are deducted from the account balance…

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Technical analysis in forex trading: This is how it is learned

The world of foreign exchange markets is huge and nowhere else is there such a high level of liquidity. Day by day trillions of dollars are traded in currencies, making the…

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Formation Analysis – NORMAL AND INVERTED

Head Shoulder Tops   Generally, a drop in prices is a decline occurring when the price increases to the maximum level. First a small hill is formed, then a large…

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Coinbase review

Coinbase Review – 2018

Coinbase experiences in 2018 show that San Francisco’s Crypto Exchange is user-friendly. Various tools facilitate trading. Coinbase – worldwide favorite for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum Coinbase is one of…

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Forex Pattern Recognition: 2 Important Formations

Chart formations provide important indications of the state of the market. Reversal formations initiate a trend reversal, continuation formations confirm the prevailing trend direction. Among the most important forex chart formations are…

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