Should you buy into bitcoin? Here’s what top investors say

Everyone’s been talking about crypto currencies for a couple of years, more so about Bitcoin. Especially in December, Bitcoin was trading at almost $ 20,000!

Right now, $ 4,057,72.

There are many conversations about the possibility of Bitcoin going back to five digits. The possibility of the explosion of the Bitcoin balloon is also the subject of some conversations. In short, everyone is talking about this crypto currency.

What do the leaders of business and investment think, like Bill Gates, Jim Cramer and Warren Buffett, think about the crypto currencies?

While Bitcoin maintains one of the hardest declines in recent years, let’s look at what some important names in the business and investment world think about crypto currencies.

Kevin O’Leary

We know Kevin O’Leary from ABC’s Shark Tank. Meeting with other key investors such as Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary meets with guest entrepreneurs and decides whether to invest in these small companies and entrepreneurs seeking investment.

O’Leary is the nickname of Shark Tank. It is known as Wonderful (Mr. Perfect).

Kevin O’Leary founded SoftKey Software Products in the 1980s, earning millions of dollars by selling his company to Mattel in the 90s.

O’Leary thinks crypto coins are not a currency. . (For Bitcoin) it’s not a money, ine says the famous investor, who said Bitcoin and other crypto currencies could quickly move from one price to another.

However, Kevin O’Leary thinks crypto coins are assets. ”It’s a global speculation,” O’Leary commented on O’the most successful assets on the planet right now Kr for crypto money.

Mr. Perfect believes that although they do not believe that the coins are currency units, at least they are lucrative assets based on speculation.

Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer from CNBC has a similar idea about crypto coins to Mr. Perfect. Cramer, the server of CNBC’s Mad Money program and co-founder of the popular financial news site TheStreet, likens crypto coins to a board game er Monopoly, olan and says Money it’s an oddity that has nothing to do with investors. CN

In addition, Cramer joins the popular parables of such prominent names as Tony Robbins, making it the equivalent of gambling in crypto coins. . If you want to gamble, go to Vegas. Vegas is gorgeous, Vegas he says.

When Bitcoin falls below $ 6,000, Cramer said the crypto money may come to an end and said, “I don’t say time has passed but the sun is going down.”

Bill Gates

Microsoft’s co-founder, Bill Gates, does not think at all optimistic about crypto coins.

Gates like O’Leary, Robbins and Cramer find crypto coins lethal and risky. Moreover, he acknowledges the crypto coins as an asset, but states that their value cannot be expected to rise as they do not produce anything.

Gates also speaks tough against the anonymity of crypto coins. Gates, who said that fentanyl and other hazardous substances could be purchased with crypto coins, blame crypto coins for drug-related deaths.

Kevin O’Leary likes Tony Robbins and Jim Cramer, as well as an interesting commentary on Bill Gates’ investment in crypto money. In an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box, Gates hinted that he would take a position to deal with losses if he is likely to invest in forward futures.

Despite his negative and rather harsh opinion on crypto coins, Bill Gates finds the use of blockchain technology useful.

Warren Buffett

Famous investor Warren Buffett has expressed his views on crypto coins many times. If you follow it, you probably know that these views are extremely negative.

Buffett, in fact, doesn’t see the crypto coins as an investment because they don’t have real value. Crypto thinks that money investors are investing in vain.

. Bitcoin doesn’t produce anything. The only thing you trust when you buy non-producer assets is that the next buyer will pay more money because they are hopeful for the next. When you do this, you don’t invest, you speculate. Bunu

Warren Buffett ac almost certainly “thinks that the crypto currency inin will reach a bad end ip.

It is a fact that the crypto coins are shaken by the last drop in Bitcoin. The important names of the business and investment worlds have close and negative opinions about Bitcoin and even other crypto coins.

But it is too early to put the last point. Especially when it comes to innovations, everyone is mistaken. For example, remember that Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors to date, has been wrong twice so far. Buffett had decided to invest in the company, saying Google was not generating value. Another mistake of Buffett was Amazon, which has become the e-commerce giant of our day.

Although they may have justified views that they might be right at the end, it may be worthwhile to draw conclusions about whether they are adequately grasped by crypto coins.

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