The history of Ferrari

The story of Ferrari’s creation and nothing to lose is the ari fast in cross-section of the Enzo Ferrari’s life.

Ferrari, one of the most famous car brands in the world with its magnificent speed and comfort, owes its power and reputation to Enzo Ferrari, the creator of the brand.

Ferrari’s creator, Enzo Ferrari, did not live such a bright life as his surname. Faced with huge financial problems during the founding of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari borrowed from the Italian Mafia. His son, Dino, lost his life at the age of 24 due to muscle failure when he had difficulty paying his debts to the Italian Mafia. Although Dino was allegedly poisoned by the mob, this allegation was not confirmed in the official minutes.

But forget it all, let me start from the beginning. Because in order to learn the story of Ferrari’s creation, it is necessary to know Enzo Ferrari, the creator of the brand and cars.

First section: Dreams

Enzo Ferrari had three dreams. The first of these dreams was an opera singer, the second was a sports announcer and the third was a racing driver. Enzo’s first dream was not realized. Enzo’s dream was to set the stage for the creation of Ferrari.

Second section: Influenza outbreak

During the First World War, including Italy, Enzo’s father and brother were fighting at the front. At that time, the rapidly spreading Influenza epidemic had killed Enzo’s father and brother. As a result of these developments, he left his education and was taken to the army at the age of 18. In 1918, he was sick again and became sick because of flu secretion. He survived the influenza pandemic that killed dozens of people and returned home.

Third section: Fiat job application

After the death of his father and his brother, who managed to get home by surviving the disease, Enzo applied to Fiat to buy the brand he would create many years to be able to look after his mother and to make a living. In Italy, which was struggling with the economic crisis at that time, unemployment had begun to take place, and it would be for this reason that Enzo was not admitted to Fiat.

Fourth section: Test drives in Vespa

Enzo Ferrari, who was denied his job application to Fiat, started test drives for the Vespa, which was developed from a simple motorcycle model scooter. He participated in various races and drew attention with his races. It was also discovered by Alfa Romeo.

Fifth section: Alfa Romeo

Enzo Ferrari, who started working for Alfa Romeo, made his dream come true and became a racing driver. Moreover, the successes of the National Fascist Party and the Italian Prime Minister of the period Benito Mussolini’nin had entered the eye. Enzo Ferrari, the race in the middle of 1920 for a period of time to race, but then continued to compete again. His son Dino Ferrari continued to work for Alfa Romeo including the development of sports cars until he was born.

Sixth section: Auto-Avio Costruzioni

Leaving Alfa Romeo, Enzo Ferrari rented a small workshop and founded Auto-Avio Costruzioni. With this company, the company started to sell small car parts. When he left Alfa Romeo, it was not possible for him to design automobiles and make automobiles because he had previously signed the contract for 4 years.

Seventh section: Introduction to the weapons industry

Due to contract conditions, Auto-Avio Costruzioni, which only sells auto parts, entered the arms industry. Enzo, which produced parts of warplanes to the Italian government for a while, carried its company from Modena to Maranello after the bomb attack on the city.


Section eight: Ferrari rises

Enzo Ferrari, who moved to Maranello, set up a new workshop and in 1946 designed his own car named Ferrari. During the period when the Italian economy was also on the rise, Ferrari won 14 victories in the UK Grand Prix and Le Mans, one of the world’s most famous sports car endurance races. The fact that he won Le Mans for six consecutive years between 1960 and 1965 made him the biggest and most renowned name for racing.

Ninth section: Crises and death of Alfredo Dino Ferrari

For a period, things went well for Ferrari, but after a while, the company suffered financially. Instead of borrowing from banks or legal entities, Enzo Ferrari borrowed from the Italian Mafia. His son Alfredo Dino was killed when he tried to repay his debts. Although Dino’s death was recorded as a form of muscular failure, films and documentaries told him that Dino had been poisoned to death by the Italian Mafia because of unpaid debts.

The death of Ferrari came to an end with Dino’s death. At the same time, Enzo Ferrari left the factory and moved to live in the factory. Enzo Ferrari and Ferrari, who have had a bad time in every way, had to deal with many cases because of the accidents that happened to test drivers.

I and last: Ferrari’s sale to Fiat

The economic crisis and rising inflation in Italy in the 1960s led to almost all factories being forced by the uprising of the workers. Of course, Ferrari has begun to experience great difficulties in this process. Ferrari sold a small portion of its shares in 1965 and 90% of its shares in 1969 to Fiat. Enzo Ferrari also retained control of the company’s business until his death.

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