The Supreme Court Will Decide If Apple’s App Store Is a Monopoly

Although Apple is no longer the biggest company in the world, the cases it faces are the biggest companies. The monopoly case, which will be evaluated tomorrow, is very important for the company.

Today, the US Supreme Court will hear a monopoly case against the company on Apple’s App Store and its implementation commission policies. According to Reuters, the problem stems from Apple’s 30% cut in the App Store. The company had previously asked the US Supreme Court to withdraw this monopoly case.


Apple claims that its applications are not monopoly when challenging the court’s decision. Apple, the 1977 dated Supreme Court decision to open a case showing the consumers, “e-commerce will threaten the developing area,” he says.

Therefore, Apple is not a distributor; It argues that it acts as an intermediary only for developers engaged in selling to consumers through the App Store.

The monopoly case actually goes back to 2011. In fact, the case was dropped by a federal court in Oakland, California, and it was said that consumers were not direct buyers and that higher wages were required by developers. Last year, however, the 9th Court of Appeals in San Francisco reopened the case and the issue was on the agenda again.

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