Top 10 Altcoins for 2019

Top 10 crypto currencies that can be purchased for long-term goals and reasons long.

2018 was a crazy year for cryptocurrencies with many ups and downs. We saw the number of cryptocurrencies skyrocket, with there now being over 2000 cryptocurrencies available. But as you’d expect from a lot of these new coins, there isn’t much in terms of innovation and creativity.

While the crypto balloon has faded a little earlier this year, which we are preparing to leave behind, it seems that crypto coins will continue to take place in our lives. It is still possible to earn long-term goals by finding the right crypto currencies and still gaining significant money.

Former Google chairman and CEO, Eric Schmidt, said digital money would be more important in the next 10 years than it is now, and many leading technologists agree. So, among the hundreds of crypto currencies, which are the most reliable and prominent ones?

1. DigiByte

The project began in 2013 when Jared Tate, programmer entrepreneur, grew tired of the security and speed that Bitcoin lacked. Over the course of the next couple years, Tate and his team produced a blockchain that strives to be the fastest, most decentralized blockchain available for global adoption.

This led DigiByte to creating a blockchain with more than 100,000 nodes and 21 billion coins (1,000 times that of Bitcoin) which are set to be completely mined by the year 2035. Having this many tokens means that if DigiByte sees the usage they’re aiming for, payments can be made in whole numbers, rather than multi-decimal transactions.

Combined with 15-second UTXO transaction times—compared to Bitcoin’s 10 minutes—and 5 different consensus algorithms, DigiByte might have given themselves a legitimate shot at a top 5 spot.

Why DGB is Worth Watching

2018 has been a busy year for the DigiByte team, and details of their progress has been released on their blog. While they expressly mention that they “can never commit to dates to accomplish future projects” in the post, they do include a list of future developments.

2. Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash, which was born in 2017 with Bitcoin hard fork and increased its interest in the market seriously, was noteworthy crypto money despite the great decline and volatility in recent months. With the increased block size limit, Bitcoin Cash provides additional processing on the public notebook and has a plus in terms of scalability according to Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash is positioned as a currency when Bitcoin turns into a gold-like asset.

3. Binance Coin

One of the most noticeable sub coins in recent years is the BNB, the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platform, Binance own token. While BNB is used for the trading of many crypto money in the aforementioned stock market, BNB offers opportunities such as providing discounts on commissions and participating in voting on the platform. As the popularity of Binance continues to grow and the platform continues to grow, it will be inevitable for the BNB to gain value.

4. Dash

Dash , which has been on the market since 2014, deserves to be included in this list for different reasons. With a synthesis of digital and cash words, the Dash network has become the first self-management, self-funding protocol.

The Dash payments are almost instantiated by securing and verifying on the block  Dash’s unique design ensures that intelligent and democratic self-government is maintained. Dash owners are able to offer different proposals to increase Dash’s marketability and further development, and network participants can participate in democratic voting on their funding.

5. Zcash

Crypto coins are not fully understood by the masses and they continue their way as a marginal class of assets. The Blokchain ecosystem is still in its early stages.

Bitcoin and other crypto coins had an important role in anonymity. The ZEC offers more than that: Zcash can process the sender, receiver and quantity completely. Although there are bad connotations of anonymity, there is a significant demand on this issue, which increases the popularity of Zcash.

6. Monero

Focusing on anonymity and confidentiality like Dash, Monero (XMR) is a subcoin of great popularity and value towards 2018. XMR peaked at $ 467 in the bull season, but in November it fell below $ 100. For certain reasons, especially for anonymity, Monero also makes sense. Monero also offers mining opportunities among the most developed subcoins.

7. Cardano

Cardano also owns a platform like Ethereum and has its own crypto money called ADA. Founded in 2015 by Charles Hopkinson, co-founder of Ethereum, Cardano has the first co-blockchain strengthened by scientists and academics. Cardano aims to run decentralized applications on a block blocker.

8. BAT

In the world of crypto money, many blockchain companies want to make our paths centralized, sharing, searching and even marketing on the web. Basic Attention Token (BAT) by Brave Software is one of these token. BAT targets online marketing by trying to create a fair and equal advertising environment through the use of a peer to peer token.

9. NEO

NEO , the first open-source public block chain in China , was first marketed as Antshares in 2014 and allowed the development of intelligent contracts and assets on its platform. NEO works on the Ethereum model, but aims to be the preferred platform for the ekonomi new smart economy NE.

10. EOS

EOS is blockchain project with an ambitious goal: to be the top platform for developers to build dapps on. Founded by serial blockchain entrepreneur Dan Larimer, the project will verify transactions by use of the delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) consensus protocol, which was created by Larimer himself.

The project managed to raise more than $4 billion dollars over the course of their year-long ICO, making it the most successful crypto crowdfunds to date. The launch of the platform saw a rocky start during Q2/Q3 2018, and although it has seen success since, the team isn’t in the clear yet. The well-funded project has received a lot of criticism from the crypto community, but remains in 5th place in terms of market cap.

There are a few platforms that have been christened with the name “Ethereum Killer”, but as of right now, EOS looks to be the only one within striking distance. If the success of BitShares and Steem (both founded by Larimer), combined with the fact they’re dominating the market in terms of blockchain activity, are at all indicators of success, the case for an EOS/ETH “flippening” could hold some weight.

Why EOS is Worth Watching

The launch of EOSIO 1.0 in July 2018 marked the end of Phase 3 on their roadmap. Phase 4 is currently underway until early 2019, which will add some key features while touching up existing ones.

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