What is Commodity?

Commodities are all commodities and products subject to trade. Commodities can also be interpreted as products that are used by the consumer to produce more valuable products than the manufacturer.


What is Commodity?

What is the commodity? commodities are all commodities and products subject to trade . Commodities can also be interpreted as products that are used by the consumer to produce more valuable products than the manufacturer. These products, namely commodity commodities trading is called the market commodity exchange . In the pricing of the commodity; In addition to the supply-demand relationship between the consumer and the country, events in the countries, wars, natural disasters, seasonal changes, economic conflicts, exchange rate movements, inflation are influential factors such as. The multiplicity of these factors makes the commodity a viable high-investment tool. The higher the degree of fluctuation, the bigger the earnings to the investor in a short timeIt can provide. However, it is at risk because it has a high tributability.

Which goods are traded on the commodity exchange?

  • Precious metals (gold, silver)
  • Industrial mines. (Platinum, aluminum, copper and steel)
  • Energy sources (petroleum, natural gas, gasoline, crude oil, crude oil and heating oil)
  • Agricultural products. (Wheat, corn, rice, cotton, cocoa, sugar and soybeans)
  • Forest products, chemical products, animal products, foodstuffs, etc.

As such, many products are traded on the commodity exchange. Most traded commodities ; gold, oil, silver, copper, cocoa, cotton, wheat and corn.How is Commodity Investment Made?

Nowadays, commodity investment can be made both in the stock exchange and in the forex market . You can also trade in the forex market for the commodity exchange 5 days a week for 24 hours.

  • Commodity Investment in the Stock Exchange How?

Considering the commodity stock, it would be very costly to store commodities physically. Besides the storage costs, there are risks of damaging the goods and decreasing their values. However, it is also possible to trade commodities without buying them physically. There is no physical purchase.

  • How is a Commodity Investment Made in VIOP?

Commodity transactions with the stock market are also made. With futures contracts, you can safely sanction a commodity. Buyers and sellers can make commodity investment online through intermediary institutions without seeing each other. In this way, you save both time and storage and storage costs are saved. With VIOP, you can invest in the expectation of falling prices. In other words, you can make profit by opening a sales position and decreasing prices. You can also get a larger amount of position with leveragewith a less investment .

  • How to Make Commodity Investment in Forex?

Forex trading weekdays, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, you can evaluate the investment opportunities. Again, it is not a physical transaction. Commodity investments can be made via the Internet through intermediary institutions. In the Forex market , you can create investment opportunities not only in the rise of prices but also in the downward movement .  You can open up to 10 times your money and invest.

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